Crypto Revolution: Poland sues banks!

July 26, 2018

On 27th June, the Polish Bitcoin Association (PBA) reported 15 “financial institutions” to the Polish government. 52 companies had bank rejections, as they were prevented from services related to cryptocurrencies. The need of a “mobile bank”, designed for companies operating in crypto arises; From today, it is at your disposal!


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On 27 June, the Polish Bitcoin Association wrote to the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection (OCCP), argued that local banks were deliberately denying transactions and services related to cryptocurrencies, closing accounts. According to documents, the PBA reported fifteen financial institutions to the Polish governmental authority.


According to the PBA, a total of 52 companies had Bank rejections, while 25 had their accounts closed. According to the document, the banks actions clearly aim to remove virtual currencies from the market, although these assets are legal.


“In consideration of the above, the action of the regulators is necessary”.


This is written in the complaint that tells, through its content, how much the representatives of the crypto community require regulation of the sector. The PBA is currently negotiating with the government the future rules for the regulation of cryptocurrencies, which currently do not exist.


Jacek Walewski, spokesman for the PBA, considers regulation as inevitable:

“I think the cryptocurrencies will be regulated, but the Polish companies might move their headquarters to other countries because they have problems with Polish banks that report their contracts”.


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