Tag: Cryptocurrency

August 1, 2018

Ireland, paycheck in Crypto!

Employees of Irish companies can be paid in cryptocurrencies. Taxes will depend on the value of the crypts at the time of payment. Companies, on the other hand, will have to report on their paychecks. Find out why companies need a fundamental tool in this scenery— XribaPay.   Become a Beta Tester, help us improve […]

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XribaPay: Here is the app that will help the budget of thousands of companies in the world, including yours!

Accounting for cryptocurrency transactions is a problem for companies; Xribapay is the solution: tha app that converts in real time cryptocurrency into fiat currency associating it with an accounting document comes to help accountants and administrative employees.   Become a Beta Tester, help us improve our product.   Join the program and be first in […]

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July 26, 2018

XribaPay – The solution that will bring your company into the era of cryptocurrencies!

Are you an entrepreneur? The first business wallet is now online, and it’s designed to allow your company to conduct cryptocurrency transactions and register them in the balance sheet with a simple tap on your smartphone!   You can now Become a Beta Tester and help us improve our product.   Join the program and […]

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