Why a Business Wallet

Finally a wallet that takes companies into the Cryptocurrency Era. Use cases designed for business transactions, making it easier to trade and report on any cryptocurrency.

Automatic exchange in the major currencies.

Set your app currency to the currency of your accounting entries and the wallet will make an automatic and accurate exchange instantly for each transaction.

Combine an accounting document.

Combine a transaction reference and a PDF document (or photo) to record each transaction in your company’s financial statements, for both fiat and crypto payments.

Company and multi account.

XribaPay is the first business wallet linked to a company whereby the owner can generate sub accounts for his/her team giving them access and visibility to the company wallets.

Reporting and accounting.

Each transaction is included in a PDF report, sent via email, with all the relevant information for accounting use. Your accountant will always be up to date.

Bring your business into the crypto era.

Send and receive cryptocurrency payments and automatically reconcile them in the accounts, in real time.

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