XribaPay – The solution that will bring your company into the era of cryptocurrencies!

July 26, 2018

Are you an entrepreneur? The first business wallet is now online, and it’s designed to allow your company to conduct cryptocurrency transactions and register them in the balance sheet with a simple tap on your smartphone!


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Until yesterday, if a company had wanted to send and receive payments in cryptocurrency, it had a fundamental problem: the impossibility of immediately accounting for transactions in the balance sheet according to the law. Today, however, this is no longer a problem.


In fact, the beta version of Xriba Pay is available, the first business wallet designed for the needs of companies, but above all for entrepreneurs. The main feature is the possibility of converting each transaction in cryptocurrency into a corresponding transaction in fiat, based on an accounting document. In this way every company in the world has the possibility to make or receive payments in cryptocurrency and to use them to prepare the company balance sheet according to the law.


Entrepreneurs, accountants and others in dealing with company accounts are always faced with difficulty when seeking soltuions to this. In fact, the main problem is linked to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. In the absence of an effective tool that allows to instantly transform the payment into fiat currency, it becomes impossible to complete an invoice. But not only, when you make a payment very often you need to reconcile it correctly with the receipt or with any other accounting document.


XribaPay represents a tool that greatly simplifies and makes corporate accounting more efficient.


We believe without doubt that this last step is essential. In fact, the application will save time and integrate management of accounting documents and their reconciliation with payments. Thanks to the features that it comes equipped with, when a company receives a payment in crypto, the application has the ability to convert currency in real time by associating it with a document.


The birth of XribaPay has a very clear goal: to bring companies into the era of cryptocurrencies. Its entire development has been characterized by one thing: to create a tool that, in addition to managing corporate transactions in cryptocurrency, also allows companies to gain time.


The fundamental concept of XribaPay is that it allows users to execute transactions in a simple and intuitive way in just a few minutes. Consequently, maximum attention has been placed on the development of a high quality “User Experience” for the user, ensuring a fast and effective application in terms of saving time for those who use it.


Thanks to the XribaPay smartphone app, you will be able to open one or more accounts quickly and easily. In fact, through downloading the app for Android and IOS, you will have the opportunity to register and create an account simply by entering an email address and a PIN.


What are the main features of XribaPay?


Thanks to its simple and intuitive dashboard,

  • You can manage multiple wallets:

Thanks to the XribaPay account you will have the opportunity to manage a main wallet and a series of secondary wallets. This will allow you to assign individual wallets to employees and collaborators of the company itself, speeding up processes like expense accounting.


  • You can send and receive cryptocurrencies in real time:

The application sends and receive cryptocurrency payments and automatically reconcile them in the accounts, in real time. With this feature, companies can freely accept payments in cryptocurrencies and record in real time the equivalent amount in fiat currency that has to be accounted for in the financial statements. This important step forward is a historical moment in the world of cryptocurrencies, because given their volatility, it will allow users  to effectively account for the exact value of a transaction.


  • You can speed up transactions, gaining time:

You will have some interesting additional features, such as the automatic “Gas Limit” count required to send a transaction. But above all, the opportunity to insert the causal for outgoing transactions in the “Add notes” field; In fact, every time you make one, an email will arrive automatically, with a report about the activity performed.


The XribaPay wallet is available for free and can be used right away to connect to your company profile.


Having constant access to the account to check balances and to make transfers will guarantee you have a fully integrated payments and company accounts management.


This is because in the second half of 2018 the wallet, which at the moment is only for cryptocurrency payments, will become a “mobile bank” designed for companies.


We are talking about an app that will allow you, an entrepreneur, to manage the treasury of your company with a few simple taps on your smartphone!


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